Georgina Bowden

Artist / Composer

An original and mature artistic voice

Dominic Murcott, composer

A breath of fresh air ... a thought-provoking piece of work

John Alexander, composer

I love the textures, colours and energy....

... in her unique, lively style

a bold statement... an impressive body of work

Dominic Murcott, composer

...captured his expression and character perfectly

Georgina is a multi-disciplinary artist and creates integrated works of many art forms.

She has a Master's of Music in Composition and a Master's of Architecture. Her work can involve music, architecture, fine art, graphic design, illustration and dance. Georgina creates performances which bring arts together with music.

Works include the spatial, theatrical dance work 'Revelations' [Albany Theatre, 2018]; antiphonal acoustic effects piece "Soru Cevap" [St John's Smiuth Square, 2019] and glow-in-the-dark opera 'Radium' [King's Place, 2018].

Georgina is also a conductor, pianist, choral singer, and tap dance enthusiast.

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Three Lycian Way Studies | 2020

oils on clear-primed canvas | triptych

Yaban Arilar [wild bees] | 2019

for solo viola - visual score | 6'00"

Revelations | 2018

dancer, electronics, soprano and chorus, violins, brass and wind, bass drums, glass objects and space tube | 4'00"

Radium | 2018

short opera for strings and female voices | 15'00"

Incisions | 2018

for string quartet

Soru Cevap | 2019

for open score

The Ice Carol | 2019

climate change based piece for mixed choir. text by Annie Hayter | 3'00"

The Distant Sax | 2017

digital track | 2'37"

Ascent | 2018

for chamber orchestra | 5'00"

collaged portraits | 2012 - 2016

oil on canvas

Up They Rise | 2016

for string quartet | 4'00"

Alone | 2017

for solo soprano | 7'00"

John Condon | 2018

for soprano and double bass | 10'00"

Weather Architecture | 2012

drawing for Architecture Master's Thesis